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baseball-boston red sox
disney pins trading and collecting
anything disney

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    I thought he was in there thanks for clearing that up,
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    It is a cool photo is that scoop or someone?

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    Reply from sueze:


    the woman is Ms Starr the fireman is Smokey and the gentleman in plaid is the infamous Scoop Sanderson

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    I never notice that but nice photo in the background...


    Reply from sueze:

    thanks pauly I took it March of 07 while i was at WDW
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    love your profile!!
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just a little bit about me!

i am an only child but have friends who kids call me auntie Sue so that is why sometimes you will see me referring to my neices or nephews. see below

As you all can tell I am a really big RED SOX fan!!! I am also a 31 yr season ticket holder to the Sox!!! my parents gave them to me for my 10th birthday in December of 76!! My all time favorite player is CARLTON FISK!!

my Neices are Katelyn O (3 in Dec) who is from North Dakota and she is also my god child. Torrie (2 in nov) and Caroline F are my other 2 neices Caroline is the youngest of as she just arrived on the 19th of Sept and is the baby sister to Torrie and My Nephew Cameron (8 in April 09) they are from the Boston area> Cameron is starting to collect disney fire theme pins and what ever else he likes Including NBC.
My other Nephew is Austin (1 in Nov) and is the baby brother of Katelyn i iwll put pictures in my images area when I get a chance

march of 09 I will be going to WDW for about the 18th time but will be the first time I am going with my boyfriend Joe ( we will be celebrating our 1yr of dating while we are there!) it will be his 2nd time with the first being soon after Epcot opened.

my mom is the GOOFY fan of the house and my dad is the busnut!! which is why Goofy and a bus is in my logos MY mom does have a dizpins id but posts sparingly and has a pp id but i man that and all her wants/traders are under my pinpics id